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              We Provide Personal Private               Firearms Training

We offer flexible times and locations!  Our Clients are priority and your time is just as valuable as ours so all of our training courses and scheduling are catered to your availability.

No Large Classes, all attention and focus is on your training needs!  That's our guarantee to you! We have sessions available, Monday- Saturday!  Days and Evenings!

Introduction to Firearms Safety

The Introduction to firearms safety is the course first time users take prior to operating a firearm. The course duration is 30 minutes which includes a 15 minute overview of range safety, 15 minutes of firearms operation.  This course is a must for anyone interested in carrying or owning a firearm.  Firearm rental and ammo included (15) rounds of 9mm per student.


Firearms Training

What you decide to invest into your personal protection training will determine what outcomes you will have in a serious situation!   We train you to react!  Not to Target Shoot!  There is a difference, choose wisely.

Basic Firearms Training 101

Register today for basic firearms safety and shooting training.  Learn the proper way
to carry and use your weapon, after completion of the basic training, each student will receive a course completion certificate through the Police Tactics Instructors Association of America.  Register for your personal customized  training schedule below.  This is a one hour class that includes the range time, instructor, and targets.  If you do not own a weapon yet but plan to purchase one after training, please pick the training that includes the weapons rental and ammo package.  Additional ammo can be purchased at the range location.

Package Includes: 

  • 30 Firearms training workbook,
  • Certified training Instructor,
  • 30 minute firearms safety and operations,
  • 30 Minutes, range time,2 targets, basic firearms course
  • Range Time
  • Targets (2)
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • 20-25 rounds of ammo 1- caliber
  • Training Firearm (9mm semi-auto)
  • Course Completion certificate

This all inclusive course includes everything listed above.  Choose below, which package that you would like to purchase, then pay the fee.  A instructor will contact you within 24hrs or less to schedule your personal training module.


Firearms Training

Certificate of course completion through the Police Tactics Instructors Association of America   ABOUT the Association

Introduction to Concealed Carry

As you continue to enhance your skills from the basic firearms safety training course, you will be even more interested in the introduction to concealed carry course.  The course is designed to get you ready for actual concealed carry.

Package Includes:

  • Concealed carry Laws  Georgia
  • Additional safety features
  • Combat Mindset Training
  • Holster selection
  • Weapon Selection
  • Basic concealed carry drawing technique
  • Basic Draw and fire technique
  • Firearms Rental
  • Eye and Ear Protection
  • Range Time and Ammo 15-20 rnds of 9mm
  • 45-60 Min class duration

Before you can be proficient in handling actual situations, you must first have the right situational awareness techniques down.  This course get's you started!  Trust me, firing a weapon in a stressful situation is not like the movies!  You need skills!

Intro to Concealed Carry

Concealed Carry Extreme

Get ready for a serious mental workout!  Concealed Carry Extreme is the ultimate level in personal protection training.   It's not enough to go target shoot at the range!  Think about it like this, you can practice your way into the wrong mental and muscle memory by practicing target shooting at the shooting range.  Let us show you the right way!  You must complete the Intro to concealed carry course before attending Concealed Carry Extreme. 

Package Includes

  • Additional Safety Features - Safety Overview
  • Mental Conditioning - Combat Mindset Red - In the Fight
  • Mental picture of when to draw your weapon - Law
  • Weapon retention drills
  • Drawing Techniques
  • Clearing Jams
  • Rapid reloading
  • Shooting From the Hip
  • Double Tap with Failure drill
  • 50 rounds of ammo
  • Targets
  • 2 Hour class duration

Want to be ready if you need to use your weapon?  This course is for you!

Concealed Carry Extreme

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Firearms Safety Training/ Home Protection

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