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Mixed Martial Arts Training - MMA


Whether your looking for rapid weight loss, self defense skills or a professional career in Mixed Martial Arts, we have what your looking for!  Come out and give it a try, For FREE!  That's right, I said FREE!  Through on your workout gear and get ready for the best workout you have ever had!  Our MMA training includes, Cardio, Floor Exercises, Punching, kicks and more!  You'll get 1 hour of Mixed Martial Arts Training for Free!  Your Secret FREE Code is (MAJOR).  No Gimmicks, no tricks, if you like it, you can join!  if not, you just a FREE professional MMA workout!

Brazilian Jui Jitsu Training

Loganville Georgia, Monroe Ga, Social Circle, Bogart, Lawrenceville, Grayson Georgia.

Looking for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training?  Wow, we have it and it's FREE!  Come check us out!  Free 1 Hour Course, we know you will Love it!  Learn Arm Bars, Chokes, Take downs and Technical submissions. 

What to expect in class: Warm up Cardio, then Technical Training followed by pairing up with a partner.  Then we do what's called rolling which is 1 on 1 mat training.  Secret Code for the FREE Training is (MAJOR2021 )  


1154 Lawrenceville Highway,Lawrenceville GA 30046

Contact Major at 678-878-3380 to get signed up for the FREE Training!