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PLEASE READ!!!! Make sure you know the difference between going to the shooting range and learning target shooting verses learning firearms self defense.  If you train your self the wrong way at the shooting range, more than likely, that's how you will react in a serious situation.  You won't have the luxury of defending yourself in a controlled setting!

Our expert instructors will teach YOU, Firearms Self Defense. How do you know if your target shooting?  When you go to the range, do you aim at the orange bulls eye in the middle of the target?  If so, wrong training!  Let us help you to (1). Increase your Awareness. (2) Change your mental picture of what it's like to have to use your weapon against a person and then (3) Add the tactics that you will need to be successful in a violent situation.  The next question to answer to find out if your prepared would be, what is your contingency plan if you cannot get to your firearm?  These are the things we teach you!  Not Target shooting.  Private Firearms Training or Group Firearms Training at a shooting range near you! Just give us a call we offer Men and Women Firearms Training and we teach a lot of Husband and Wife courses!                                             


  • Learn All safety rules
  • Georgia concealed carry law
  • Firearm maintenance
  • Situational awareness
  • Loading & Unloading
  • Weapons Nomenclature ( How weapons work)
  • Target Selection
  • Front/Rear Sight picture
  • Stance
  • Valuable tips and real life scenarios
  • MORE!!

                                            HOME DEFENSE FIREARMS TRAINING!   LEARN HOW TO DEFEND YOUR HOME!!!!!!

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 Women's Basic Self Defense Seminars

Host a Seminar at your location! Contact us for additional Info  678-878-3380 FREE TRAIL CODE (MAJOR2020) Large and small groups!

It doesn't take years of martial arts training to learn how to protect yourself!  After taking the Street Defense course, you will have usable street defense skills at your disposal.

Everyone should know BASIC SELF DEFENSE - Come on, Get some!!!

Tactical Self Defense Firearms Training

Tactical Self Defense Firearms Training

We offer personal self defensive firearms training at local shooting ranges. We specialize in individual training and groups of no more than four. This training will equip you to defend yourself...

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